African Wildlife Foundation – conserving habitat and wildlife, capacity building for staff, monitoring and maintaining infrastructure.
Earth Watch Research – gravy zebra research.
Save The Elephant Research – elephant research
Namunyak Community Wildlife Conservation Trust - general conservation National Reserve
Kalama Community Wildlife Conservancy – general conservation outside Samburu national reserve
Samburu Wildlife Forum – general conservation in the entire district
Currently the reserve is getting some help from African Wildlife Foundation for conserving wildlife, habitats and for uplifting the livelihood of the local communities through sustainable enterprise development. They have assisted the reserve as follows-:
Capacity building for staff members – rangers monitoring training, colleges and universities.
Drawing of the reserve management plan
Donation of one computer (desktop)
Donation of 2 GPS for monitoring
Major renovation of archer’s gate ranger’s houses.
Mounting of signage 20 (interpretive)
Organizing for exchange visits for staff, locally and over seas
Donated 5 hand held radios, chargers and their batteries
Supporting the earth watch conduct gravy zebra research in the region.
Supporting archers gate water system for rangers and visitors
Advising and supporting the implementation of the general management plan

Samburu national reserve also receives great help from the communities neighbouring its working boundaries as they provide security to wildlife and visitors while outside the reserve. The community scouts patrol outside and along the boundary of the reserve and report any illegal activities to the reserve management including poaching, illegal tress pass, injured wildlife and others.


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